Identity – The Anthology




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Identity – The Anthology‘ is a powerful collection of words and poems by young people in the UK.

Touching on issues such as religion, immigration, abuse, mental health, media stereotypes, belonging, education and loneliness; the voice of youth is heard in a way that makes you take notice of how they are feeling.

Raising the question of ‘Who Am I?’ the theme of identity can cause debate, conflict and tears within us as individuals and also outside in society.

Being labelled and categorised, fitting in with stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas and judgements, it can be very difficult to find the real ‘Me’/ the real ‘You’.

This book however, brings a refreshing insight into the young, creative minds of today. Although faced with daily challenges and battles, they demonstrate a strong sense of compassion, justice, fairness and equality.

Identity – The Anthology’ will make you laugh, cry and question your beliefs about who you are.

Please support our young poets who contributed towards the book and Youth In Excellence who made it happen.


If you would like 15 or more copies for your school, youth organisation or charity please email with your required amount and we can offer you a discount.

Riley Bo Russell, competition winner
Riley Bo Russell, competition winner


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