Innocent Eyes – A Child of War, by Asah year 8

Innocent Eyes – A Child of War


My gentle eyes

What terror they see.

Despair and misery

No compassion, no liberty.


Brokenness and savagery

Befall my beloved country

I long for happiness and victory.


One great leader’s generosity

Gives me courage to relieve my melancholy.


I remember the fearlessness and honesty of my land

When will I see peace?

What can I understand of this savagery?


Tumbling buildings, shrapnel bombs

They shake my soul and pain my dreams

When will I see victory?


Life in war is a never-ending circle

Once it starts it may never stop.


Gunshots wake me up at night.


Screams outside my window

Blood smears everywhere.


When will there be freedom peace, compassion and liberty


No corruption?