Lost in the Mud – by Alex year 7

Lost in the Mud

When the telegraph came, our hearts rose

Filling our mouths like the streets when it snows

We wanted to know what had been done

To my friend and their son

A few months older and already at war

I dread to think of the things that he saw.

I remember the days in the rain and the sun

When we’d go on adventures with many a toy gun.

Now the adventures are real, gun, bomb, and tank track

Now I don’t know if he’ll ever come back.


They say there are trenches – all filled with mud

People get hurt and covered in blood

They stand in the cold, soaked by the rain

Watching their friends screaming in pain.

The din of the guns through day and night

So, I want to know – why do we fight?

In a few months’ time that might be me –

A name on a grave over the sea.