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Book now available!

You can now purchase a copy of ‘War & Peace in Today’s World’ as written by a number of young people from around the UK for our 2016 poetry competition.

Priced at just £8.96 + pp but priceless words, thoughts and feelings.


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You might also like to check out the 2015 publication ‘Identity’ too


Child Refugees – by Sohail, aged 16

Child Refugees


We are lucky

We have survived

The journey across the Mediterranean

A long, hard traumatic journey

The journey ahead

Is even harder

We are wet, cold

At risk from hyperthermia

At risk from pneumonia

The tents are unsafe

Winter has arrived

Facilities are dire

European Convention of the Rights of the Child

Do not matter here

No child friendly spaces here

Onwards we march

Heads hanging low, clutching dreams, clutching hope

Of safety



Innocent Eyes – A Child of War, by Asah year 8

Innocent Eyes – A Child of War


My gentle eyes

What terror they see.

Despair and misery

No compassion, no liberty.


Brokenness and savagery

Befall my beloved country

I long for happiness and victory.


One great leader’s generosity

Gives me courage to relieve my melancholy.


I remember the fearlessness and honesty of my land

When will I see peace?

What can I understand of this savagery?


Tumbling buildings, shrapnel bombs

They shake my soul and pain my dreams

When will I see victory?


Life in war is a never-ending circle

Once it starts it may never stop.


Gunshots wake me up at night.


Screams outside my window

Blood smears everywhere.


When will there be freedom peace, compassion and liberty


No corruption?


Conflict – by Dawid year 8



Waters flooding in

Bellowing noises in my head

Being overwhelmed with fear

Like pins and needles pushing in

That’s conflict.


Being filled with dead hope

Everything driving me madly crazy

Failure fills my day

Having no hope

That’s conflict.


Being detached from reality

Like being trapped in a room

Always having no escape

There’s no reality.

That’s conflict.

Lost in the Mud – by Alex year 7

Lost in the Mud

When the telegraph came, our hearts rose

Filling our mouths like the streets when it snows

We wanted to know what had been done

To my friend and their son

A few months older and already at war

I dread to think of the things that he saw.

I remember the days in the rain and the sun

When we’d go on adventures with many a toy gun.

Now the adventures are real, gun, bomb, and tank track

Now I don’t know if he’ll ever come back.


They say there are trenches – all filled with mud

People get hurt and covered in blood

They stand in the cold, soaked by the rain

Watching their friends screaming in pain.

The din of the guns through day and night

So, I want to know – why do we fight?

In a few months’ time that might be me –

A name on a grave over the sea.



Today is National Poetry Day!

Thursday 6th September is UK National Poetry Day and to celebrate we are giving you an exclusive preview of some of the exceptional poems that we received for our poetry competition this year, on the theme of ‘War & Peace in Today’s World‘.

These poems and others will be featured in our forthcoming published anthology of the same name which will be our 2nd printed edition, following on from the success of last year’s book which was ‘Identity‘.

Identity is available to purchase from Amazon and ‘War & Peace in Today’s World’ will be available later on in the year.

The winners of the 2016 poetry competition will be announced on 16th October!

16 to 18? Wondering what’s next?

Being a young person can be really difficult at times! Lots of pressures from different places and people can make it a confusing and stressful time.

Well, hopefully we can help you to make some good choices when it comes to further education, training, employment or enterprise.

We’ve got some new opportunities for you if you live in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Croydon or Hammersmith & Fulham and are 16 to 18 years old.

There’s going to be a few short information sessions where you can find out how you can get an apprenticeship or a job, enrol on a course or start your own business.

You just need to register to attend, come along on Tuesday 13th September at 5pm in Croydon (there will be sessions in other boroughs too but everyone is welcome at this one) and hear what we have to say!


Last day to enter our competition


Friday 26th August is the last day for you to send in your poetry competition entries.

We’ve really enjoyed reading through all the submissions over the last few months and we’ll then have the really difficult task of selecting the best poems for our forthcoming published anthology ‘War & Peace in Today’s World’.

We’ll also be busy organising the annual Universal Children’s Day event which will be held on Monday 21st November, where the competition winners will be presented with their prize and have a chance to perform their winning entries!

Click here for your last chance to enter 2016’s competition!

Enter the 2016 poetry competition


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‘War and Peace in Today’s World’

“This century has seen yet another turbulent roller-coaster of troubled times, in which the world we live in continues to be faced with uncertainties and conflict through wars, unrest and violent agendas.

Youth in Excellence has chosen ‘War and Peace in Today’s World’ as their theme for this year’s poetry competition and Universal Children’s Day event (20th November) opening up a whirlpool of thought for entrants to express their views, fears, hopes and solutions through written word and supported imagery.

This theme opens up a lot of political and social debate regarding countries all over the world who are at war over issues such as oil, land, religion, resources and money.

But there is also conflict on other levels too.

For example within families and relationships; gangs and communities and being at war with ourselves at times too.

So what does War mean to you?

And what are your visions of Peace?

Through conflict there are opportunities for resolution, learning and growing.

New beginnings where individuals, families, languages, communities, cultures and ages can seek to appreciate differences and embrace similarities.

Through our poetry competition, we hope to unlock personal perceptions and contribute to the journey of finding solutions and bringing peace to our homelands, our homes and our minds.

Selected entries will be included in the forthcoming published book ‘War and Peace in Today’s World‘ which will be available as an ebook and hard copy.

Top 3 finalists will be invited to attend our special award and prize giving event for Universal Children’s Day on Sunday 20th November.”

Buy The Book – ‘Identity – The Anthology’

Identity cover AS-Buy-the-Book-Button

Identity – The Anthology‘ is a powerful collection of words and poems by young people in the UK.

Touching on issues such as religion, immigration, abuse, mental health, media stereotypes, belonging, education and loneliness; the voice of youth is heard in a way that makes you take notice of how they are feeling.

Raising the question of ‘Who Am I?’ the theme of identity can cause debate, conflict and tears within us as individuals and also outside in society.

Being labelled and categorised, fitting in with stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas and judgements, it can be very difficult to find the real ‘Me’/ the real ‘You’.

This book however, brings a refreshing insight into the young, creative minds of today. Although faced with daily challenges and battles, they demonstrate a strong sense of compassion, justice, fairness and equality.

Identity – The Anthology’ will make you laugh, cry and question your beliefs about who you are.

Please support our young poets who contributed towards the book and Youth In Excellence who made it happen.


If you would like 15 or more copies for your school, youth organisation or charity please email with your required amount and we can offer you a discount.