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The winner of our 2015 ‘Identity‘ poetry competition was Riley Bo Russell with her entry entitled ‘My Story‘ –

Riley Bo Russell, competition winner
Riley Bo Russell, competition winner


I’m a girl aged eleven,

Here I am, in year seven.

I am a story, waiting to be told.

Just watch my identity unfold


I am a song, yet to be sung.

I am a race, still to be run.

I am a voice, yet to be heard.

I am a passion, still to be stirred.


I will express my views though the arts,

Creating rhythms and thriving hearts.

Culture surrounds me,

Music defines me.


I am a flag not yet unfurled.

I am a girl still to wonder the world.

I don’t know what I’ll become,

For the future has not yet begun. 


I am a story,

Waiting to be told.

Who knows how life will unfold.

I am in year seven,

Just a girl of eleven.