4 Talent, sponsors of Visual Arts category

  • September 30, 2014
  • Event
  • YIE

‘Channel 4 is very passionate about nurturing diverse new talent and helping them get into the industry. We welcomed the opportunity to sponsor the award because we realise how important it is that young people’s talents are recognised and celebrated.”

4Talent is the bit of Channel 4 that works across the country with new talent and young people, supporting them to build great futures in the Creative industries. 4Talent engage with people from different backgrounds and walks of life and people at different stages of their careers. We have a number of exciting initiatives for those with no experience to learn more about Channel 4 and the Creative Industries.. We also have a broad range of on-screen development programmes for creative with a bit more experience. By nurturing new talent and original ideas, we can inspire real change – both in the industry itself and in people’s lives. By championing alternative voices and fresh perspectives, we can truly reflect the diversity of today’s Britain.


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