Become a BYA Community Stakeholder

At our last BYA Awards in 2012, we encouraged people to buy a ticket for a young person to attend the event. We strongly believe in the community coming together to support one another and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity again this year.

Become a BYA Community Stakeholder and make a one off donation of £25. This will ensure that a young person gets to participate in the BYA Awards 2014 and quite possibly be positively influenced for the rest of their lives because of YOU!

Click the ‘Donate’ button below. On receipt of payment, you will be allocated a BYA Community Stakeholder number and sent a BYA supporters logo that you can use on your social media, websites, blogs etc to show that you are investing in our futures.

Thank you.


I’m a  BYA Community Stakeholder and I’m going to click this button now….

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