Enterprise Lab sponsors of the Youth Organisation of the Year category


“I believe a great future lies ahead for the UK and supporting young people and especially those from black and ethnic minority backgrounds is important. No country can live off past glories, we need young people to come up with new ideas and solutions to make this country great. We are supporting the BYA Awards as it has the ethos and vision which is representative of what this country needs. Enterprise Lab looks forward to continuing to support and work with BYA in defining UK’s future leaders, shapers and shifters.” – Ketan Makwana, Director Enterprise Lab

Enterprise Lab was launched in 2011 in a response to the emerging skills gap between education to employment and enterprise. 

Since then Enterprise Lab has worked with governments, ministries, educational institutions and community led groups in over 11 countries training over 100,000 people in development of skills, confidence and creating new business start ups, jobs and prosperity. 

Enterprise Lab delivers disruptive programming to facilitate and support an enterprising mind-set to any challenge. It aims to have 3 centres of excellence within 3 continents by 2015 which will serve over 250,000 people every year. 


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