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At Whitnon we are passionate about nurturing young people in preparation for the future. We believe that the BYA Awards are an excellent vehicle for acknowledging the achievements of the younger generation, whilst promoting the importance of striving to be the best version of you.

Whitnon is proactive in harnessing the skills and experiences of the younger generation to show that this is the time more than ever to be the controller of your own destiny by becoming an entrepreneur as an alternative to being employed by in the conventional way. We recognise the drive and determination required in developing and sustaining a business and as such we are delighted to be honoring the younger generation by sponsoring the Business Enterprise Awards.”

As a business and personal development consultancy, we’ve had the privilege of delving into the inner workings of small and medium sized businesses.” – Movell Dash and Trisha Dash-O’Toole, Directors Whitnon Consulting


What unites those with the ability to inspire is what can only be described as a ‘spark’. It’s hard to put your finger on this elusive quality, but meet one of Whitnon Consultancy’s lead practitioners and you’ll quickly see we’ve got it.

A winning mix of strategic and practical, with a genuine, sleeves-rolled-up work ethic, our unmatched ability to rapidly drill down into your business’ ethos, goals, strengths and challenges means we can offer advice, guidance, and hands-on help for your business and HR headaches.

You’ll find our personal approach to business and individual development consultancy a breath of fresh air – we’re entirely flexible, working in a way that suits you and your business. Whether you have a specific issue that’s crying out for external, independent resolution or a staffing strategy to outsource, we’re experts at every level. We don’t hide behind the usual consultancy jargon – and we certainly don’t believe in taking money unless we’ve earned it what we do believe in is really making a difference in difficult situations.

Whitnon Consultancy has offices in Manchester and London and we specialise in delivering business boosting solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the private and public sector – call on us for anything from handling redundancies to business coaching and managing growth.


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