Life skills have become recognized as a key component to the successful migration from childhood to adulthood and also as the primary social skill/s that increases life chances. We offer a range of subject areas through workshops that prepares the attendees:

  • Self identity
    • An insight into understanding oneself
  • Self esteem and self awareness
    • What makes you feel and act the way you do
  • Effective communications
    • Communication that is understood
  • Peer relationships
    • A look at how we interact and react amongst peers
  • Goal setting
    • How to plan for a successful future
  • Staying safe
    • A survival kit for young people in and out of school

Change in Me

‘Change in Me’ is a life skills / personal development programme which challenges young people’s:-

  • Thinking and Mindset
  • Preparation for the future
  • Engagement with the world around them
  • Impact of actions and consequences

• Suitable for ages 11 – 16

Overcoming Negativity

This workshop aims to promote and ignite positive thinking. Often, negative actions are caused by the inability within an individual to confidently overcome past failings, break out of non-stimulating environments but most importantly to believe in themselves. This full day workshop shines a light on the reasons for these patterns and how to break them forever.

Suitable for all ages. Sessions will be delivered in age appropriate groups and there can also be male / female only groups.

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