Getting Parents Involved 

tickParents have the greatest influence on their child’s academic and social achievement through home learning 

tickWhen the home and school work together there is a noticeable improvement in student behaviours, attitudes and attainment 

tickSchools that create positive communications with the home establish relationships that are built on mutual respect and trust 

tickStudents respond well to their parent’s positive interactions with school, feeling supported and encouraged by their interest


Reasons why parents do not engage with their child’s learning and school

crossLow self-esteem

crossPersonal negative experience of education

crossSocio-economic factors

crossLow levels of literacy, numeracy and IT

crossEnglish as a 2nd language

crossFear of embarrassment or judgement

crossFathers feel out of place within a predominantly female learning environment


How can you get parents to engage?


tickMake use of different ways of communicating

tickTake time to know the parent/s – their names, interests, goals, concerns etc

tickHave regular meetings and training & development opportunities for parents

tickEnsure positive feedback is given about their child as often as possible

tickInvite parents to contribute to some school decisions (where appropriate)

tickThank parents for their involvement and contribution


Who will engage with parents? 

crossTeaching staff do not have the time to dedicate hours each week to have meetings, run courses or deliver sessions for families 

crossLearning Mentors and Pastoral Support staff are typically working with students who have additional learning or behavioural needs

crossWithout a dedicated member of staff, you may not be reaching the parents / students who need the most support


A Parent Partnership Worker is the point of contact between parents and the school, promoting engagement which leads to positive learning outcomes for the student


What does a Parent Partnership Worker do?


tickWork with students who the school have identified as needing improved / increased home intervention 

tickWork with targeted parents on a regular basis 

tickDevelop and deliver a partnership programme including:- 1-2-1 sessions, workshops, training courses and seminars that will improve their confidence and capabilities in becoming involved with their child’s learning and development 


Signpost to outside agency support services

tickImprove and maintain school / home relationships to get the best learning outcome for the student and the school


You can make use of the Pupil Premium by contracting a Youth in Excellence Parent Partnership Worker to engage and support your students, their parents and the school.

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