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Child Refugees – by Sohail, aged 16

Child Refugees   We are lucky We have survived The journey across the Mediterranean A long, hard traumatic journey The journey ahead Is even harder We are wet, cold At risk from hyperthermia At risk from pneumonia The tents are unsafe Winter has arrived Facilities are dire European Convention of the Rights of the Child […]

Innocent Eyes – A Child of War, by Asah year 8

Innocent Eyes – A Child of War   My gentle eyes What terror they see. Despair and misery No compassion, no liberty.   Brokenness and savagery Befall my beloved country I long for happiness and victory.   One great leader’s generosity Gives me courage to relieve my melancholy.   I remember the fearlessness and honesty […]

Conflict – by Dawid year 8

Conflict   Waters flooding in Bellowing noises in my head Being overwhelmed with fear Like pins and needles pushing in That’s conflict.   Being filled with dead hope Everything driving me madly crazy Failure fills my day Having no hope That’s conflict.   Being detached from reality Like being trapped in a room Always having […]

Lost in the Mud – by Alex year 7

Lost in the Mud When the telegraph came, our hearts rose Filling our mouths like the streets when it snows We wanted to know what had been done To my friend and their son A few months older and already at war I dread to think of the things that he saw. I remember the […]

Today is National Poetry Day!

Thursday 6th September is UK National Poetry Day and to celebrate we are giving you an exclusive preview of some of the exceptional poems that we received for our poetry competition this year, on the theme of ‘War & Peace in Today’s World‘. These poems and others will be featured in our forthcoming published anthology […]